post 698: “longing for Budapest”

This is my 698th post. I note this now, ‘cuz I’ll get to the landmark post #700 and not even realize it. I think I’m getting as bad as Laci, changing the header all the time…

But, this header is special. I found it looking for pix of the Coppages (none yet, L, sorry). I shot this from the spot where Margit Hid turns and there is that little balcony thing at the tram stop, you know it, right?… I stood there shooting pix for a while my last Sunday night… I was racing (I enjoy races using public transport there) anyway, I was racing the sunset after getting off the train from Pecs at Deli PU, this pic really makes me long for Budapest…

I should import the whole thing here for future when I switch the header yet again:

"longing for Budapest"

now to travel to Roanoke…

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One response to “post 698: “longing for Budapest”

  1. Lea Coppage

    This is the absolute best view of Budapest–one I’ve been longing to get for a while. If you send that photo to me, too, I won’t mind! That’s assuming you even *find* one of us….

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