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looking back

I was sitting this morning in the computer lab at school while students typed papers… I had finished all of my urgent stuff and was contemplating the header pic (above – the Duna river (how do you get Danube from Duna?) and the lights of Budapest at sundown). I was thinking about the city, its people, my visits, the people I have taken around this amazing place. I gradually looked over the places on the pic from “my kingdom” up to Buda Castle, down to Citadella, across the chain bridge and then to Parliament, when I got to Parliament, somehow I was reminded of the memorial to the Holocaust there on the bank of the Duna… I searched and found the post from the only time I have visited this memorial… I think that, looking back, it is among my most poignant memories from kingdom travelin’ click here to see it… This, I think, is a fitting 700th post, looking back over the memories, thinking about the people, knowing that He has never given up on any of us, knowing that His heart breaks over the injustice that exists even in such an amazingly beautiful place.

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