I just did some posting and I realized something… this blog has turned into more of a “what’s happening” blog than a “what’s thinking” blog… that’s a bit of a change… as I sit here having just set up some posts for the next couple of days, I realize that my postings have been more experiential and less thoughtful… I now sit here typing and wonder about that… maybe because I am reading less… yes, that’s part of it, I’m sure… am I burned out? is the reading I’m doing not thought provoking enough? Am I not talking about it with people enough? Did the election wear me out? Is the gloom and doom of the economy weighing on me? Perhaps I am listening and watching too much news? questions to ponder… 

BBC World Service from 0545 – 0630, NPR on the way to school, local news about 1730, BBC at 1800, News Hour at 1900… yeah, that’s too much news… I need to cut down on the news… think about bigger issues!

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