election emails and phone calls

I was afraid of this. We are getting daily ‘robo-calls’ about the election: I hang up. Yes, when Mrs. Obama “called” today, I hung up. 

Now I am getting emails too. I almost NEVER read FWDS but I got this one from a friend that had a list of quotes that Obama had supposedly written in his two books. I have read one of the books and it didn’t ring a bell. A quick googling of the quotes resulted in this… click here.

Truth. Credabilty. I wish for them in the process. 

Another email was from a friend who asked me some very tough questions about an extreemly tough issue for an amazingly tough time in which we are about to make, by most accounts, the most important presidential decision in anyone’s memory on Nov. 4th. I am thinking and praying through these tough questions and will post about them prayerfully and, hopefully, thoughtfully here in a couple or few days.

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