I was talking with some friends recently about the election and the economy. I urged them to listen to the reasoning of Colin Powell (below post) and think about his words. When it came to the economic situation, I surmised that it is greed as much as any one thing that brought us to where we are.
C.S.Lewis calls pride the great sin. I would suggest that pride is the sin behind greed and the policies that allowed it to run unchecked in banks and on wall street. Knowing the state of the human heart, shouldn’t the Right expose the heart and seek to install safeguards for unsuspecting borrowers and uninformed investors?
Posted from my Palm and still undecided…

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  1. AJC

    Veeeeerrrrryyyyyy interesting. We over here have to send in our ballots in the next couple of days….so many have already voted……yep, I was pretty undecided……but I think I’ve decided, and I’m even surprising myself……

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