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finished The Shack

Ok, WOOOW. I sat at Cafe EUropa on the 4-6 line today for two hours and finished it. I know exactly who I’m giving my copy to. This book MUST not be kept on a shelf, it MUST be circulated.

I am struck by a couple of things: How much of Lewis I hear in the conversation, how much like “Mere” it is, but in story form, and how compelling it is, much like Narnia.

I love the balance this book has. I interact with a fair number of people who are either all head or all heart in thier approach to following God. This story is an amazing mixture. As one who gets to field the “hard questions” of young people, I have finally got something to point them to which gives them pretty much the same answers that I have been trying to get them to come to through conversation. The discussion of why suffering exists and how good can result from bad are so, so sound. There is so much out there that gives answers but does not satisfy, The Shack does. Oh, it does.

Laci, you get your copy Sat.! Wait ’till you read this thing.


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The Shack

is a fairly new book. I’m delivering copies to friends here in Central Europe, have I mentioned I’m in the HeartLand? – – – I’m half way through:



So, I’m ending this post to go catch the Hev so I can sit and read more!

Peace from Grace


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Hungarian Economics

I am depending on the on-line version of The Economist and tonight I read about the Hungarian economy, click here to read about the controversy.

The economy here is suffering from a high inflation rate and our partners here have their personal budgets tightened because of the still slipping dollar. I posted about inflation here in Hungary and the impact on folks depending on their support from the dollar back in Dec. click here to check that out.

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worship with a Deaf church

On Sunday our team was really blessed to worship with the Budapest Deaf Church (see pic over on ee08). They came up to Vac to worship with our team and the Coppages in their flat. I was struck by a couple of things.

To me, most importantly, the prayer was so cool. Of course since they are signing, they look at the person praying. It is really cool to see how intently these believers watching the person praying, but the passion that I saw on the faces of the folks as they prayed was so cool as they looked up as though looking into the face of God (we will dispense with the discussion about needing to look up to God – as in a direction in space, just go with it here). Our good friend Doug interpreted for us and my soul was moved by these prayers…

Community. This band of believers are a close community and interact with joy and love. Their facial expressions (necessary to communicate well) are really blessed.

The last thing that I would mention here (there is a lot to mention but I can’t get it all on this post) is my understanding of how Deaf culture is, indeed its own culture. I don’t know that I can convey this in words yet… its like, they are so visual… and the Deaf don’t read like we do, so to be properly understood, they need to SEE the Scripture story signed. And they are SO careful to be sure they get the facts of the Scripture story straight before 

Here is the system they use in understanding Scripture:

1. What are the facts of the text?

2. Dialogue about the text – “what does it mean?” (there are no lectures at Deaf church – there is conversation about the text and its meaning)

3. What does this teach us about God?

4. What does this teach us about us and how text impacts our life?

I am so encouraged by my experience with the Deaf church and I really hope to worship with them again.

So, yeah – this was an amazing experience…

Yesterday the kids went with Doug to a class he teaches at the Deaf school and then played with the kids at recess for an hour. Steve told me this morning that he was looking forward to recess with the kids again. I will have to leave that to another post.

Last evening we ate pizza with, sang with, and played a fun game with some fun kids from the youth group at Calvary Chapel here in Vac… 

Its been a great time of connecting at many different levels with people. We are just about used to the time zone. The weather has been cloudy and cool (thanks be to God!) and today is sunny and much warmer but without the humidity our East Coast USA friends are suffering with. More later, perhaps from Budapest (Bp).

OH! HUGE news: for the first time since 2004, we got our luggage when we arrived!!!!!! Thanks be to GOD!

We are praying through the trip using a prayer guide on the ee08 blog, please join us by praying for us each day.


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cleaning out

I have just finished cleaning out my classroom as I will not be in it next year. I took all my books home. I threw away 2 trash cans of old files and note books and stuff from as far back as 1997! It was hard to begin… I kept thinking, I might need this… but I kept throwing stuff away and finally, its all gone… it feels so good to be free of all that old stuff…

In my spiritual life, I need to clean out regularly too, I need to lay things at the foot of the cross, looking to Jesus’ work on that cross to clean me. And it is free… I need do nothing, I only have to throw it away, and bask in His glory as His forgiven son… it feels so good to be free of all that old stuff…

it is so good to be free…

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a lesson from a wedding

Sweet Anna and I attended a wedding yesterday. It was, after discussion and reflection,  a story book wedding. The pastors who did the wedding talked about Jesus the groom and the church as the bride. The church was decorated in white and flowers, very ttraditional. Afterward, Sweet Anna pointed out something that I had not noticed but upon consideration, was significant. She noticed that there were no special songs sung by friends or anything that took away from the attention upon the bride and groom. No ring bearers or flower girls which, cute as they are, they sometimes do, with their cuteness bringing oooos, and ahhhs and then these little ones often need attention during the service. No, the focus here was on the bride in her white robe and her groom, who, by the way, was in a white Naval dress uniform. We sang two hymns that were focused upon Christ the King, Christ the Groom. This is what set this wedding apart from so many others I have attended, its true focus on Jesus, and the lesson that the wedding is the symbol of the Groom and His bride, robed in white. The white robes of righteousness that are given to us by our king when we believe.

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