a lesson from a wedding

Sweet Anna and I attended a wedding yesterday. It was, after discussion and reflection,  a story book wedding. The pastors who did the wedding talked about Jesus the groom and the church as the bride. The church was decorated in white and flowers, very ttraditional. Afterward, Sweet Anna pointed out something that I had not noticed but upon consideration, was significant. She noticed that there were no special songs sung by friends or anything that took away from the attention upon the bride and groom. No ring bearers or flower girls which, cute as they are, they sometimes do, with their cuteness bringing oooos, and ahhhs and then these little ones often need attention during the service. No, the focus here was on the bride in her white robe and her groom, who, by the way, was in a white Naval dress uniform. We sang two hymns that were focused upon Christ the King, Christ the Groom. This is what set this wedding apart from so many others I have attended, its true focus on Jesus, and the lesson that the wedding is the symbol of the Groom and His bride, robed in white. The white robes of righteousness that are given to us by our king when we believe.

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