finished The Shack

Ok, WOOOW. I sat at Cafe EUropa on the 4-6 line today for two hours and finished it. I know exactly who I’m giving my copy to. This book MUST not be kept on a shelf, it MUST be circulated.

I am struck by a couple of things: How much of Lewis I hear in the conversation, how much like “Mere” it is, but in story form, and how compelling it is, much like Narnia.

I love the balance this book has. I interact with a fair number of people who are either all head or all heart in thier approach to following God. This story is an amazing mixture. As one who gets to field the “hard questions” of young people, I have finally got something to point them to which gives them pretty much the same answers that I have been trying to get them to come to through conversation. The discussion of why suffering exists and how good can result from bad are so, so sound. There is so much out there that gives answers but does not satisfy, The Shack does. Oh, it does.

Laci, you get your copy Sat.! Wait ’till you read this thing.


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  1. princess of obuda

    dad–i just finished reading the book. Yes just as you said i cried.. a few times.. wow. thanks for giving this to me.. i needed it.. its refreshig, compelling, heart changing and so real. In so many ways can i relate to mack and in so many ways i saw a man who finnaly could relate to God in ways most men cannot.

    praying for u. love u

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