prayers answered for Serbian election???

If you read lazo von blogger (see links) as i do, you know there has been an important election today in Serbia which many of us have been praying for… the election was going for a western-leaning (get us into the EU) candidate or a candidate which one blogger called an almost Nazi and the New York times warned would lead to the triumphant return of the infamous Seselj (on trial at the Hague) click here to read this very helpful article…   …so, we’ve been praying & von Lazo went to vote…

the votes are now cast and it would appear (though it might be to soon to really know) that the news is pretty good. Here is a just-posted report from the NYTimes …let’s keep praying that cool heads prevail… let there be peace in the Balkans.

In other prayer needs: an acquaintance in beruit sent out an email about the fighting there… it reminded me of the stories in Vukovar. Pray for Lebanon…

May the Prince of Peace return soon to this Fallen place, may we keep up his work in the meantime…

remember too, to pray that God’s people would be allowed into Burma to bring relief to the survivors from the cyclone

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