simple thought

Arden’s comment on “wisdom” made me think of this: Swiss (?) theologian Karl Barth (to some, one of the greatest thinkers in Europe in the last century) reportedly once replyed to a request for a summary of his theology by quoting this simple song…

“Jesus loves me,

this I know,

for the Bible tells me so…”

‘nuf said? ‘nuf said indeed.


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2 responses to “simple thought

  1. Doug Coppage

    Dear Tom and Everyone,

    I think that this is THE fundamental truth that is NOT taught by evangelists. We’re good at being forgiven, but we don’t understand being loved. Lately I have been “swimming” (or soaking) in Psalm 107, Ephesians 3:16-19, and this little song:

    Try it; you’ll like it.

    Grace and peace,
    —Doug C.

  2. for those other 2 of you who read this blog… you really NEED to take the 4 minutes to listen to the youtube that Doug posted above… in fact, I think I need to link to this for future listening… it is something that I found so amazingly soothing… oh, and after listening to the youtube, read the story!

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