Mrs. Zebedee’s presumption

presumption drives me crazy! does it drive you crazy? of course that which we are, often drives us crazy when we see in someone else, doesn’t it? the dictionary that is over on says that presumption is: “1. the act of presuming. 2. assumption of something as true. … 7. an assumption, often not fully established, that is taken for granted in some piece of reasoning.  8. unwarrantable, unbecoming, or impertinent boldness.” check out that last one: “impertinent boldness”

Matthew’s Gospel tells a story which drips of presumption, click here to read. Mrs. Zebedee, like all mothers wanted the best for her boys and sought to attain it for them. Today we call them “helicopter parents”. I’ve never met a parent who thought they were “hovering over their children doing too much for them” (get it? helicopters hover), but I do interact with a LOT of helicopter parents. I could tell you stories…  So anyway, what is our everyday presumption?


Think about it.  Jesus healed 10 lepers, how many thanked Him? [read here if you don’t know]  not enough!

Today… have we thanked him for the ability to read? for electricity? for the image of Him we have that gives us the creativity for such as blogging? for the breath we just took? for the finger movements that make keyboards sing? for family? for our church? for that meal we had earlier? how thankful are we? my guess is… not very. So what should we do? be more thankful, serve as he did, sacrificially… serving and thankfulness come out of humility… presumption comes out of pride… Oh God, help us to be thankful and not presumptuous.

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