returned from NYC

so im back from NYC with the 9th grade and 30 other chaperones from my school… I had two awesome duties which gave me time for contemplation… one was at the MET where I always hang out in the Greek and Roman rooms most of the time… then I took the elevator up to a different gallery and found THIS PAINTING of seekers of deity… did you click and go??? This pic on your computer does not enable you to study the depth of this painting… but you can get a glimpse… I was struck by the people… I really sensed that they were seeking truth… I thought of Sarajevo and Istanbul where I have seen this in real life and I wrote in my journal that they would meet the real God of Grace through his Son who brings Peace. may we all find Peace through Grace


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3 responses to “returned from NYC

  1. You had 30 chaperones?????

  2. yeah, wild huh? we took up 1 1/2 cars on the train, almost 100 of us total! but it was well organized and we were broken into small groups of 2 – 6 each…

  3. wow. great post… that is always my issue with Islam… they are so humble and faithful in their worship…If we would learn that discipline… this world would look different very soon…


    P.s. I also wish to see that pic…

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