from CA to AZ

Sunday early we make the 400+ mile drive through the desert…

above are the dues that Star Wars was filmed in!!!
Sweet Anna did lots of desert driving…
More dunes… Mexico was on he right…
Here is our accomidation in Tucson, very cool spot, very cool indeed…
Last morning, the car is packed and in the shade (it would reach 111 that day)… me and my rental Fusion… Below…over coffee, I give Hyun some last minute counsel about life…


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3 responses to “from CA to AZ

  1. Laci and Keri Németh

    there is always a place for coffee, there is always time for coffee, there is always good advise.

    Beautiful pictures, I bet you got refreshed… 🙂

  2. Joanna

    hyun has a really cool hair cut and bear shirt! hehe. I love the pictures!!

  3. revtom

    I did come back and am still refreshed… Rest is good, resting in HIM is better!

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