Well, Becca is in town this weekend and Sweet Anna, Becca and I went to see “Becoming Jane”. I really enjoyed the way this film showed Austen to be a woman of intelligence, passion and justice. She saw what should be done and did it. I found the direction to be just excellent and the script fantastic…

This week my friend John and I have been watching “Band of Brothers”. I have found this series to be compelling in the manner that it looks at the effects of the war on a different man’s life in each episode. In episode five, the leader of the band was experiencing PTSD in the Paris subway (which looked just like the yellow line in Budapest) and this series really make me get a sense of some of the feelings that these men experienced… There is little doubt that I thought of Vukovar on more than one occasion.

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  1. Laci and Keri Németh

    PTSD in Vukovar?????
    What are you talking about???
    Band of brothers? Its so awesome… I am not sure what I like more in it? The fact it shows how they became friends through hard situations or the (I think) episode 9 when they discover the camps… It is awesomely done…

    BTW. I just heard a sentence: Go to Auswitz while it is opened… some say in few years they will close it down… running low on money for maintenence…
    So I am putting it to my priority list…

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