1. Bring no expectations
2. Remember, it’s not better, it’s not worse, it’s just different.
3. Follow the leader
4. No hard or semi hard case bag can be larger than 16″x11″x25.” Further, this bag can not weigh more than 50 pounds.
5. Acquire and sign your passporta. pack a copy of it away from your personb. give a copy to your leaderc. have a copy where a responsible person can fax it to youd. Fill out the contact page of your passport in pencil
6. Eat yogurt daily
7. Learn about the culture that you are traveling to
8. Take three extra passport photos
9. Keep those things which are valuable to you in your carry on, if you can’t do without it, don’t check it… this is true for equipment as well as sentimental stuff
10. Never lose track of your passport and plane ticket
11. Keep prescription medicines in their original container
12. Never cut it close time-wise at the airport13. Wear comfortable shoes that support your feet
14. Pack a clean shirt and undergarments and toiletries in your carry on so that you are prepared when they lose your luggage
15. Never leave behind a clean napkin, you never know when it might be helpful16. When you find a clean rest room, use it, you can’t be sure when you will see another one and tell your team mates where it is.
17. A packet of hand wipes or a container of anti-bacterial hand cleaner is prudent.
18. American noisiness and abrupt behavior is annoying to Europeans, keep your voice and laughter as quiet and civil as possible
19. NEVER USE TRAVELLERS CHECKS, take an atm card and be very careful with it, don’t be careless at the atm machine (which are called “banc-o-mats”).
20. Learning some simple phrases and striving to learn more from your friends abroad will do much to win their hearts
21. Bring earplugs… because of living in a city, you may not be used to all the sounds of busses, trolleys, people and such at 4:30 in the morning!
22. Always be ready to try food that your host offers, remember rule number one
23. Frequently review rules one and two
24. Leaders – use plastic whenever possible to lessen trips to ATMS for cash.

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