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peace at any price? or serving at any price?

last night there was this show on PBS about the news guys who brought Americans the news of WW2 in the midst of the blitz… it made me think of the UK’s PM, Nevile Chamberlain… and this phrase comes to mind… “peace at any cost”we are in an unpopular war… I don’t believe in ‘peace at any cost’… but I also don’t believe in ‘any cost to be right’ either… this applies to our national foreign policy as well as our being right about our theology and practice… WHAT? Foley are you nuts? we must be right about Theology!!!!! well, yes, there are some hills to die for… but that is SO RARELY what fights are about… fights are usually about practice, not theology… or at least theology that really matters… when are we going to learn that if we focus on serving one another, peace results? the only guys i know who argue about the other guy going first were the chipmunks… how ’bout this phrase… I should be interested in ‘serving at any price’… speaking of serving at any cost… what about these guys who climbed Everest to clean up the trash of other climbers??? heard about it??? click here

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