JUNE 2007

Our plans continue to be modified to meet our financial resources.

June 8th – depart IAD on British Air at 1000 PM (thats 2200 – at night) via London (4 hour layover)

9th – arrive Budapest at 535 pm , girls move in to the Newell family home and guys move in to the office in Budapest (Bp), climb castle hill and see the lights of Pest?

10th – worship in Bp (church t.b.d. Calvary Chapel???) begin training, brief tour of spots missed last year, training will include a conversation with the Newells about ministry to young people here.

11th – 12th (13th?) train back and forth to Vac, serving with Coppages: school, with youth of church, prayer walking, further training…

14th – some more training in Bp, [Krakow trip is a “funds-permitting” trip] PM train to Krakow (sleeper car)

15th – arrive at 0530, coffee & pastries, walk around Krakow, bus trip to Auschwitz, hanging out in Krakow until the overnight train (sleeping car) takes us back to Bp.
[Krakow trip is a “funds-permitting trip]

16th – train to Szeged, settle in Szeged, training, team worship…

17th – have an orientation tour of Szeged, travel out to Deak, final training, worship at Zion church in afternoon, team worship at Dosza flat!

18th – – 22nd English camp at DFG, hanging out with students,

23rd take trains to Vukovar via Serbia.

24th Worship at Agape Church in Vukovar.

25 – 28th English camp to support Agape Evangelical Church in Vukovar, Croatia.

29th back to Bp via Serbia and Szeged

30th – team flies home on British air leaving Bp at 1235 (via London 3 hr. layover) and lands at Dulles at 810pm

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  1. Arden

    What time do you fly out on the 30th?

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