Lesson Sample #3

Lesson Plan 3: Advanced Class

At a Restaurant

1. Vocabulary:
• Say vocabulary and have students repeat it back to you slowly
o Listen for trouble with specific sounds
 Appetizer
 Salad
 Main Course
 Desert
 Chef
 Hostess
 Waiter
 Silver wear
 Glass
 Plate
 Customer
 Napkin
 Menu
 Drink
 Soup
2. Make sure that the students know what every word is.
 Go around and ask students what things are.

3. Have students explain to you the order that things happen in the restaurant

4. Ask every student what their favorite restaurant is and get them to use the vocabulary in the process.

5. Have each student write down two sentences using the vocabulary words.
 Have students read there sentences out loud and go over them

6. Have student repeat vocabulary and check for exact pronunciation.

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