two interesting movies

so on Sunday sweet Anna and I did this movie marathon as the snow then sleet fell to blanket the region…

these two movies were both war related (one from WWII and the other from WWI)… both told interesting stories…

“The Couple” – one website says: “A WWII Drama about a German/Jewish industrialist who, in order to ensure his family’s safe passage out of Germany, is forced to hand over his business to the Nazis.” This is an accurate synopsis except they are trying to get out of HUNGARY not Germany. It is a fairly slow moving film about sacrifice… about terror… The thing that really struck me was the opening has film from the modern Auschwitz as one might see it should a visit (as I get to do, yet again, this summer)… I do recommend this, but be prepared, it is about dialogue, not action.
The second movie we watched was Joyeux Noël which takes place, as one web site describes it, in “France 1914. A moment of humanity that made history. “this website then says that “On Christmas Eve during world War I, the Germans, French, and Scottish are trying to make peace, so they bury their dead and play football.” what this fails to tell us is that this is a story of love for brother, brothers, and lover which is manifested at great risk to self and comrade. Further, one of the most important moments to me is the midnight Mass in the middle of the battlefield. This was as powerful to me as “The Pianist” though in a different manner. Be prepared to do a lot of reading; the French and Germans speak their native tongue and the viewer is left to the subtitles… The Scot’s accents are pretty thick as well, but the message of the film is truly worth the work.
A day of good film watching indeed.

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  1. Joanna

    dad you liked a FRENCH FILM!! woohoo!! bonne film! Tres bien!! Je pense que je regards le film ce weekend! Bone idee!!

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