first official day back to work

today was my first official day back at work… I listened to people talk just about all day long… of course all will admit I do my share, BUT I did listen to a lot of people, the VAST majority of these words were encouraging, uplifting, important and relevant… which is what a community of followers of Jesus are supposed to be engaged in… but I was really spent when I got home…

then in a meeting to plan a worship time later this week, I was urged to learn a new song… “I Give You My Heart” so tonight I’ve been learning the way Hillsong does it… its an awesome song…

Then a minute ago I went to favorites to save the site and I noticed a site that I had forgotten about, its the blog of a worship leader I met at a conference in Szeged last year… he’s back in Hungary, headed for Serbia… Go check Eric out and pray for them…

then I found a GREAT book on the New Testament documents that I have used for a long time to encourage me in a “modern” way about the NT docs….

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