it’s been a tough week

… and that, fellow bloggers is why I’ve been woefully absent from blogdom: where I think aloud, write ideas and misspell words… this week I wanted to write about 20th century “classical” (-NOT) music, my walking stick, working too hard, the meaning of life, writing interims (few people who read this blog will understand this one… but those who do will shake their head in disbelief at the torture we go through, or at least nod knowingly at the pain and travail that this, which some call the bane of their existence, and I call proof of The Fall… oh – – I am going on aren’t I?) and clemintines… but alas, I had to write interims… but, I’m back… next up: my walking stick and thoughts on my weekly hike!

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One response to “it’s been a tough week

  1. Mark

    Glad you’re back. I thought we were going to have to use CPR.

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