travelin’ as a window to understanding…

this morning during some reading time i was struck by a greater understanding of a text because i could really see what i was reading… because of my recent trip to Korea… some of the places i visited were a window into a strong and deep culture that is thousands of years old…

had I not seen, felt, smelled, heard and tasted that culture, i would not have experienced the text as i did today, how can you picture a medieval battle if you’ve not stood on a castle rampart? travel… ‘cuz it’s a window to understandin’


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2 responses to “travelin’ as a window to understanding…

  1. laciandkeri

    windows by themselves would be an intresting subject to research…
    But Tom you have a book in you…
    start writing…

  2. Mark

    Yea Tom. Write a book!

    The more I’m immersed into another language and culture the more I gain or lose understanding of my own. A person’s culture in many ways is his reality, and getting outside of this reality often sharpens some convictions and raises some questions. A recently sharpened conviction: “languages are worth learning.” A recently raised question: “why are there so many stinkin’ McDonalds in the world?”

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