update: an introvert in close quarters

wow, talk about a great gift… by the way, we have really experienced amazing hospitaity here in Korea… I have found great hospitaity in many countrys, often people are hospitable even in their poverty… but here, in this country where i spent much time years ago and this culture with which i have am pretty used to… here in Korea we have experienced AMAZING hospitality… and the update to “an introvert in close quarters” is this: we caught a ride with some friends and fellow followers to the historic city of Kyung Ju, after they bought us a nice lunch (with chairs to sit in…) in a very nice resort hotel (W was here a month ago for a summit), we were treated to such a nice lunch and English conversation, then we decided to stay here for the night… some space, some ADSL… wow, a chance to get refreshed… thanks be to Him for all forms of His Grace… this introvert should be recharged until homegoing…


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2 responses to “update: an introvert in close quarters

  1. laciandkeri

    In the name of all the Hungarian,(Croatian and all the other) glutony, stuffing, and trying to kill all the guests in our houses…I am calling to:
    1. a strike,
    2. to a war on Korea
    3. to an even bigger feeding stuffing attack on all our guests to try to win back our first position in Hospitality…

  2. revtom

    you will have the briefest of chances with me in February, but I may run away to aviod such stuffing, even though the cuisine is far, far more suitable to my palate…

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