186 mph

Wow, so today we travelled from Seoul to Taegu in 99 minutes. Now that will have no meaning to you unless I tell you that when I looked up at the TV monitor there was posted a speed of kph which converted to 186 mile per hour… I was amazed. I had already been amazed that the train seem to go in a very straight line for the first hour… I noted this because last week when we took the second best train I noticed how many curves and hills the train negotiated. As I looked at the rapidly moving landscape I noticed that there was either a raised bridge over a ravine, river, creek or field or a LONG tunnel through a mountain enabling a virtually straight length of track: thus 186 mph… I think of the text from Isa and the gospel, every hill made a plain, to prepare the way for the Lord… We should not be surprised at the lengths God would go to to enable us to come to live in his kingdom when we consider the lengths man will go to smooth out a train ride…


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2 responses to “186 mph

  1. Laci

    wow…the fastest I have ever went was 180 Km/h…295km/h wow…I would have a heart attack…

  2. Arden

    you could SEE the landscape going by?

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