a random thought about Culture Shock in America

A friend who is a missionary but now in America for a while before going to their new home made me think of the whole “culture shock” thing… part of what I wrote him was this…
May the Love of God be ever apparent to you in your time of struggle in this place [America]… I once heard it said that missionaries should be carefully observed as they prepare to GO to ‘the field.’ I am beginning to think that is exactly opposite of reality… I am beginning to think that this culture is SO screwed up that in many ways ‘the field’ is way less stressful…
I remember the culture shock I have experienced upon returning to America after some long (2 yrs) and even not so long (2 mo) times away…
I think EVERYONE should make the opportunity to travel away from the US for a while… not only to gain a fresh appreciation for what we have, but for what we need…

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