Daily Archives: November 10, 2005

What does kingdom travelin’ mean????

OK, just what does kingdom travelin’ mean?
Why did I name this blog kingdom traveling’?
Well, Peter says in his first letter that we are on a journey… That is, we followers of Jesus are passing through this world which C.S.Lewis calls the “shadowlands”.* So this journey, this traveling’ that we are doin’, is from this life to that time where we are in the Real place, with Him. So I wanted my blog to reflect what is happenin’ on this journey. I am traveling’ through the kingdom… I want to do my share in building the kingdom…

*I think Lewis kinda used this in explicitly Christian terms that which Plato talked about in his idea of the shadows and the cave.

Some thoughts I want to pursue:
The Blues
What is the Kingdom?
What is the Church?
The Emerging Church? here is an interesting blog from another guy who was sent to me by yet another guy on the emerging church…


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