CEO Partner – Stream of Love Camp: Our Response to 6 Months of War and Beyond

This is the second in a series of posts looking back since the enemy’s destructive expansion of the war in Ukraine six months ago on the 24th of February.

Thousands of people have passed through our gates since the invasion intensified six months ago. In this brief report we highlight our response and share our plans for going forward. 96 people currently live in the camp (34 of them children), 22 families, five men with families abroad, and four single grandmothers. The kitchen team works at full capacity, preparing meals for the wounded soldiers at the hospital in Vinnytsia and for the people who live here at the camp.

Because of the limited housing options for other families, we plan to complete the insulation in Building 1 by the end of August and start work on a new heating system to prepare for the cold months.

One family of 5 will soon leave the camp as they were able to purchase a house in one of the villages in the outskirts of Vinnytsia.

They are a family with special needs who were forced to leave the Donetsk region because of active fighting. In the haste to flee, they didn’t bring official certificates that state their conditions and rights for help and services. In April, this family sheltered at the Vinnytsia train station for several days before being brought to the camp and have lived at the camp since April 26. But with God’s help and an immigrant lawyer from Kharkiv (who also lives in our camp), three people managed to get certificates replacing the lost certificates. Now, having received back pay and assistance from the church, they were able to buy a house to start a new life in Vinnytsia. May God be glorified for so many new beginnings like this one.

In Building 2, we are starting a Christian School to provide additional education opportunities for the community. The first class of 20 students is ready to start school at the beginning of September. An open house and parent meeting was held on August 22, prospective parents learned about plans and saw our facilities. (This is the fulfillment of a dream of CEO since 2004.)

In the daily life and work of the facility, it is important to note that those who live here are involved in the daily work of the camp.

One great example is Vitalik who became a follower of Jesus since he began sheltering at the facility. Now he works every day on the construction team who are kept busy with the numerous upgrade projects that are ongoing.

Most of the people living in the camp have chosen to attend services at the local church that shares the camp property. Many of these folks were previously unchurched, today they are welcomed as members of this church community where they can learn about God and His principles for living. But the struggles of the war continue along with the struggles of everyday life. One young woman who lives with us has leukemia. One child is deaf, some women have been abandoned by their husbands, and many have seen their homes destroyed. Everyone has problems and it is significant that they are beginning to find comfort in God.

One woman, whose home in the east was destroyed during the war, said: “Here at the camp I became calm and patient, though I could not find the peace for my heart anywhere else.” (In her journey since February 24th, she lived in several places, but she found real peace at Stream of Love.)

We give God glory for these and so many more stories. We thank God for the hundreds of people who have generously donated to Christian Educators Outreach to support this work. We thank God for the thousands of people who have prayed for us. We stand ready to continue God’s work of mercy as this war continues. We are ready to continue to develop the work of the Stream of Love Camp so that more people may see and experience the love of God.

Please keep praying.

Please consider a one time or monthly gift to CEO to support our efforts INSIDE Ukraine.

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