puzzling about time…

“Thank you for these 2 hours.”

A group of us were At a pastor’s retreat. We were engaged in a processing time that followed a couple of hours of silence and solitude. One of the pastors spoke that sentence. 

Seldom does a student of Jesus not relish such a time with Him.

Sadly, for most believers, seldom does the student of Jesus actually make that kind of time to sit alone with God.

I remain puzzled as to why.

At this same gathering another said something about not wanting to go through the motions without feeling. As though it’s all about feeling.

How have we mixed ourselves up that feeling is the measure of our interaction with God?

I pouncd, too fast, onto this statement and asserted that even when we don’t ‘feel it’ we should still climb into the lap of our loving Father. 

It’s said that Pascal would blame this on our inability to sit alone, quietly in our own room. That we don’t know what to do with the distractions that constantly seek for our attention.

An example of this would be if I’ve not opened my Bible in three days because I haven’t had time. But you look at my Facebook feed and see all of my political and cultural quotes, likes and comments. I’ve made time for those expressions of my opinions every day, how is it I haven’t had time for God’s truth in three days? If you followed my YouVersion and Fb feeds, you could see what I make time for.

The hard question that follows is: What does my use of time say about what I worship?

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