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I’m headed to Hungary and Serbia on a regular trip in a couple of weeks. If you are in the USA and want to help in this tragic situation, there are a ton of organizations that will do good work with your donations. Seek them out.

On my upcoming trip I will be taking funds from our organization. We are having a small fund drive of our own. With a small matching gift to get us started ($500) we are trying to raise $500 to make $1,000. Of course more would be amazing too.

When I am there, I will be visiting numerous sites including Budapest and Szeged and taking a look at what is going on surrounding Szeged. I will prayerfully seek God’s wisdom about who to partner with. In the last days there have been numerous suggestions of how to help. Those suggestions are being carefully prayed through.

This crisis will last for a good long while. If you would like to help us reach our goal, any amount will help. You can learn about the fund drive and give HERE.

Whatever you do, PLEASE, PLEASE pray for the refugees, the workers who are giving of themselves and for wisdom and justice to be sought by leaders.


photo taken by my friend Kyle E. outside of Szeged

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