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Thank You to God and our partners

Usually at this time of year, I’m busy “getting the word out” about our end of ministry-year budget need. This year I don’t have to write that post and link it to Twitter and Facebook and www.ceokids.org/giving. God has already used our financial partners to meet that need. For that I am truly grateful. Actually I hadn’t even thought about it until I went to a ministry website and there it was: “help us reach our financial goal by June 30th!” So, when I saw that I thought, “oh yeah, I don’t have to do that this year!” Thanks be to God.

Well, I would say that anyway – Thanks be to God – even if we were squeezing every dime we could and cutting the budget to finish the year “in the black.” Indeed, it is then that I better mean it – thanks be to God. For you see, it is in hardness and struggle that I learn and claim Romans 5 where Paul takes us from suffering to hope. But today, I am simply grateful and I’m looking forward to the next season.

So, if you pray for CEO and our team and our work – thank you. If you give financially to support us – thank you. God has used you ahead of time this year. Thanks be to God

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Reading good books…

a teacher once asked are you investing more time in the Bible or books about the Bible?

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