An enlightening day in the D R Congo

I was blessed to be taken by car to the outskirts of the city, which took us down dirt roads that had pot holes as wide as the road itself and filled with more than a foot of water, to a monkey preserve today which is on about 40 acres of preserved rain forest that looks like this… 

and this…

and this…
which has been preserved over the last 21 years to provide a habitat for these guys…

The last bit of road on our 1.5 hour journey had washed out so we had to ride the last couple of miles on the back of motor bikes which serve as the cheapest form of taxis here.

On the way back in the rain, our “moto,” as they are called here, dropped us off and we walked a half mile down a railroad track, I looked like this…

As we rode, I heard the story of a 4th generation pioneer missionary who goes 8 hours by car to the interior of the country where the roads end and then takes a “moto” into the rain forest. Because I heard that story while riding on the back of a “moto” it was more meaningful to me. My colleague teaches the missionary’s son and that’s how this kid spent his spring break.

We came back to the city to grab a shower and dry clothes and were pleasantly surprised that – surprise – the electricity was on! It’s usually only on from 10ish pm until 6-7 am and people have these complicated check lists to follow when the power comes on. 

Today I saw God’s creation in some of its most pristine beauty. Tonight I attended a Bible study that my colleague taught that focused on our King and High Priest, Jesus. At which there were folks from Norway, Scotland, The Phillipines, England and us, it was great to pray for Nepal and other needs with these kingdom minded disciples who for various reasons are  gathered in this interesting country. A country for which, by the way, rules one and two were written. 

Because those travel rules are so drilled in my head, I’m blessed to be having a great experience because I don’t expect the roads to hold up in the rainy season and the fact that riding on the back of a “moto” is not better, it’s not worse, it’s just different. But on the interesting city streets of Kinshasa, I’m sticking with cars.

Now, if I could just beat jet lag and get to sleep.

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