Easter and the Bible

Today is Good Friday. It’s a big day for Christians using the Western calendar (Orthodox Easter is next week) and as it happens it’s also Passover (not always, just sometimes) and the Stock Market is closed (the New York Times commented that the only reason seemed to be a tradition that dates back to the mid-19th century). Much has and is being said in the blog and Twittersphere about the events surrounding the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. People are rightly called to make a decision about Jesus. His followers will attend services today through Sunday morning in right celebration of the Jesus’ work that made salvation possible for those who believe. May Jesus be exalted today and every day!

But I want to in a different direction for a moment. How do we know about this greatest of all news? Is it through church, a preacher, or the person who showed this news to us? Is it through the radio, movie or the myriad television programs that will air this weekend? Wanna bet you can find “The 10 Commandments” on TV this weekend? On Easter and Christmas the TV networks suddenly become quite open to religious programming. No, none of these sources are where the real source of the Great News of Jesus is kept clear and available. The real source is the Bible. 

Recently I’ve been reading a lot about the world’s religions for the program I’m in. Two things stand out: first, that there is such a myriad of choices out there for people to believe in and follow and second, the more I read about the other religions and their texts the more thankful I am for the Bible. I am thankful that God inspired the very words of Scripture and then, for two millennia has preserved that word which has stood the test of time and the rigors of textual criticism. I am thankful for it because by reading and understanding His word, I don’t have to rely on the changing whims and methods of men. How great it is to sit each morning and soak in the word of God and read words like “it is finished” and “he has risen” which could be 6 of the most important words ever uttered and then written, 3 on Good Friday, 3 on Easter. 

Read more of these amazing words here.

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