Travel tip update

A couple of weeks ago I arrived at a bus station in Serbia after a long, but largely enjoyable, ride from Sarajevo.


My first stop was the cash machine which was out of service. It was the only one. I needed cash. Fortunately Sweet Anna had insisted two weeks earlier, as I went out the door, that I take some dollars along so I looked in my secret dollar storage pocket and took out a ten and turned it into Serbian Dinars. Off I went to my next bus! Good thing too, they charge you to stow your bag in the baggage compartment under the bus and the ticket girl takes no plastic.

Travel Tip: keep a few tens and twenties with you. Don’t plan to use them so if you need to, you have them. And use a change window, you’ll get ripped off by the guy standing around to change money.

Oh, and, always listen to Sweet Anna.

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