controlling what you read? thinking about how to read the Bible

I believe that we should have a strategy for Scripture reading as part of our greater plan to train our hearts and minds as disciples of Jesus. But, I want to make the case for NOT controlling all of our reading. I think it is natural for us to gravitate to that which is helpful and encouraging, and this is fine. But, I think if we are in control of what we read, we are probably missing some blessing from the Bible’s vast resources that we may miss. This is why I am a big advocate of the Bible reading plans available out there. I am very thankful that today we have the YouVersion Bible application.

Here are three lists that I think are particularly helpful:

The first step I’d take is The Essential 100, I like it because it give a big picture of the Bible, a great place to start if you’ve had trouble developing the habit of daily Scripture reading.

The second step I’d take is The Essential Jesus. Now that you have begun the habit, this is a great way to get to know Jesus by reading some familiar texts about Him.

The best step, in my current thinking, is The M’Cheyne Reading Plan which takes you through the Bible in one year (and the New Testament twice).

By reading texts not of your choosing, by relinquishing control of what you read, God the Holy Spirit can show you things that you may not see otherwise. As we begin a new year, let’s renew our efforts to know God better and let Him speak through His word.

Oh, the YouVersion has apps for both iPhone and Android.

Good Reading!

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