Happy New Year!

There has been and will be, for about 10 days or so, a lot of talk about resolutions.

I suggest that if we really want to make a valuable resolution and need a list, here are some suggestions:

1. Go to YouVersion Bible App and start reading the M’Cheyne reading plan every day.

2. Go to CBD and buy Keller’s new book on Prayer. I noticed they have free standard shipping today. This book will really help you understand prayer in ways you may not have considered.

3. Set a time and a place to read and pray daily. Begin what Dallas Willard calls training our heart and mind.

4. Commit to giving away a little more than you did last year.

5. If you are not involved in disciple making, get involved in someone’s life for some fellow disciple making. Meeting and discussing Keller’s book would be a great way to start.

These ideas are designed to help one grow spiritually. In answer to this question:

How do you want to grow spiritually in 2015?

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