serving Jesus in the Bay Area @twinoaksSJ

What is a faithful partner?

I would suggest that it is one who sticks with you and helps you through thick and through thin.

For over a decade our organization has been in faithful partnership with Twin Oaks Church in San Jose, CA. This church heard about our vision when they were new and putting together their foreign missions outreach program and have faithfully partnered us through thick and through thin. Pastors from this church have traveled with me in years past to orphanages in Ukraine and to churches in Hungary and Croatia. I am incredibly thankful to God for this church and for their leaders and for thier partnership.

They have a helpful website HERE that include a video by their pastor that helps you understand what they are all about. I will be visiting these faithful partners this weekend and if you are in the Bay Area, I’d love to see you! Here’s Pastor Philip’s welcome to Twin Oaks…

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