#prayForNimrod – updated again: Wed p.m.

Your prayers are needed for a 7 month old boy named Nimrod, the son of long time friends Laci and Keri in Hungary. Sometime Tuesday he will be having surgery to correct a misshapen skull. Please retweet, favorite and like to pass this around and get folks praying. Thanks!

Tuesday morning USA time,Doc says surgery went well!! Thanks be to God!!! Please keep praying for full recovery and for mom and dad as they wait (especially mom at the hospital in another city and dad at home with the three older siblings who started school yesterday).

Update on Tuesday afternoon USA Eastern time: Next 48 hours are important for recovery. PLEASE keep praying!!!

Wednesday morning: little Nimrod didn’t have a great night. Please pray for him to gain strength and for swelling to go down. Thanks for praying!

Wednesday afternoon: It is evening in Hungary and the news about little Nimrod is less than good. He is swelling, feverish and not keeping food down. We really need your prayers NOW!! Please pray for his recovery and for his mom to be strengthened as she is at the hospital with him while dad takes care of three big sisters.

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