Just over 35 years ago I made a decision to marry the woman who would become my wife.

Each year about this time when I think back, I remember all the officials warning us that cross-cultural marriages fail more than they succeed. I’m convinced it was less hard for us than for those couples who don’t know The Lord. See, by the grace of God, before our first anniversary, we had heard and responded to the gospel of Jesus.

It is His grace that has seen us through the hard times as well as the good. We decided to marry and then, slowly, as we grew together and in Him, we decided to have the gospel influence us each day. It is about deciding to do the things that make marriage last.

I read once that stronger marriages are ones that the couple uses pet names (honey, sweetie and yobo).

I read in another place where stronger marriages find the couple going to bed at the same time.

I know how important prayer together is, and I also know how hard that can be.

As I do premarital teaching prior to a wedding, I emphasize commitment. Deciding to be there: when the seas are smooth and when they are rough, to never give up, to seek Godly counsel and press on together, especially when you don’t feel like it. It’s not about feelings, it’s about decisions.

Anna, my Yobo, has never given up on me. She has pushed me to be a better human and tolerated me when I am at my stupidest and most selfish (far too often). She has pushed me onward, God has used her in my life in such incredible ways, I cannot imagine where I would be without her.

We have made decisions to, in God’s strength, empowered by his Spirit, keep on together, for 35 years.

Thanks be to God for my Sweet Anna.

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