One of my dear friends from Europe who is Ukrainian wrote the following as part of an email I received this morning…

“As the eyes of the whole world are fixed on this situation and news are filled with stories and reports,we call every Christ follower to come to our Lord and pray for the following:

  • For the people of Ukraine so that they would trust God and be strong and courageous as they are going through this challenge; and for peace, unity, and freedom for their country.
  • For special protection and help for all orphans and families at risk affected by this crisis.
  • For families whose loved ones were killed or wounded during the protests in Kiev
  • For Ukraine to achieve social and economical stability and continue on its path to becoming a nation without orphans.
  • For Christians in Ukraine and Russia to be the light and the salt and demonstrate love and forgiveness.
  • For God’s truth to shine in this region that will destroy all lies, propaganda, and evil schemes.

As you pray, please, thank God for the positive changes which are taking place in Ukraine following the change in the government, for the unity among the churches and the nation of Ukraine, and for many people who are turning to God in these days.

May to God be the glory!”
Indeed to God be the Glory.

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