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Travel Day

At 6am tomorrow morning, three of us will load up in a car…no train… 😦
and drive from northern Hungary (almost Slovakia) to eastern Croatia. I’ll hang out there for a few hours and then board a bus to Sarajevo to visit some of Jesus’ followers in this Muslim city in SE Europe.

I have two goals: encourage leaders who are bringing the gospel of Jesus to this city and pray over the city that God would draw many to Himself.

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A baker’s dozen of us will go on a retreat tomorrow. It will be a time of rest and reflection.

Here’s our outline:

Don’t look back with regret,

Don’t sit now in fear,

Look forward with hope in God.

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Tom bacsi speaks at South Budapest church

Heres a link to our ministry website…. As the weekend closes, I’ve had some pretty fun and meaningful conversations with good friends in Budapest. It was really awesome to talk to many of the folks at DelPest church and preach there and at Bekasmegyer church at 5pm.

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Tomorrow I’m privileged to teach the Scripture on two ends of Budapest, the south (Del Pest) and the north (Békásmegyer).

I’m looking forward to looking at what the Bible tells us about the greatness and the model of Jesus. And the fact that without His power IN us, we cannot hope to be like Him. Is He IN you?

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Just about now, at the time these words posts, I will be arriving in the Heartland. For the next couple of weeks I plan to post thoughts and pix from travelin.

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I’m up and away in a few minutes… your prayers would be greatly appreciated. Nothing eternal happens apart from God’s work through us and God does answer prayers!

Click here to see my usual trip plan.

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