What to say?

Merry Christmas!


Happy Holidays!

Does it matter to you? Why?

Is it because we want to share the incredible gift that we celebrate… the Incarnation of God the Son into a fully human being while maintaining His full deity so that we may have a perfect saviour.


Is it because we fear losing the religious / cultural Christmas Americana?

Perhaps our energy would be better invested in actually living a biblical Christmas spirit that engaged people in the real story of Jesus birth ratger engaging the media and politicians in a battle over what people say.

I always say Merry Christmas and have yet to have anyone correct me.

I wonder if Jesus is concerned about this aspect of the American culture war?


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2 responses to “What to say?

  1. This shift from “Christmas” to “Holidays” reflects a general shift in culture going on in all of the Western world away from Christendom. What makes the United States an interesting case, is that while the majority of the population has and still does self-identify as Christian, we have never actually had Christendom in this country. In fact we were established on the idea that Christendom was something not to be desired, because our founding fathers did not want the government and the church to be in bed together, as they had been in England – thus the desire for the separation of church and state. A good example of why this is important is this whole thing going on with Phil Robertson; although he is an employee of a private company, other countries like France and Canada have already passed laws banning “hate speech” against homosexuals from pulpits of churches. Our founding fathers didn’t want the government controlling the church like that. Thus, the country in the world with the highest percentage of atheists, Sweden, can legitimately call itself a “Christian nation” whereas the United States cannot. I have written a number of articles on my blog about this recently. Here’s one: http://longmontpastor.wordpress.com/2013/11/12/a-christian-nation-and-the-end-of-an-era/
    All that aside, I wish you a Merry Christmas, Tom!

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