Guest Post: Significance of Christmas

I received this in an email… I was so encouraged by it that I asked to share here on, the writer lives and works among friends who are Muslim and will remain anonymous.

I feel passionate today. I just finished writing a talk that I will give in front of a very large group of students (mainly Muslims). The theme is: “What is Christmas”? After researching for many hours different sources I was amazed at how little was actually said about the true significance of this amazing event!

People focus on the fact that it is the wrong date, on commercialism, on various traditions, a few might even mention Immanuel etc.

To me (especially since I will be using things from within Islamic theology about Jesus) the true significance and uniqueness of Christmas is: ALMIGHTY GOD HAVING THE DESIRE TO DWELL WITH HIS PEOPLE, THEREBY FULFILLING OUR INHERENT LONGING FOR INTIMACY.

NO other faith or worldview offers a God who breaks into human history as a helpless baby (and then gives his very life for Creation). In every other system, God remains distant, and unreachable…..

How glorious that we have ABBA who reaches us, comes down and dwells among us—and yet it is just a foretaste of even better things to come.

I am thankful that I have been given revelation of this profound truth, and may many more receive this supernatural touch here and beyond!

Let us remain in touch with the Spirit and not get distracted by other spirits during this Christmas season!

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