going to the ink well

In a conversation this morning, the subject of operating from an empty tank came up. I thought about pens and how in the old days people wrote with a pen that required periodic sharpening and the writer constantly had to go to the ink well to fill her quill.

pen and ink well

As the pen ran dry, every line or so I guess, the writer would pause and fill his pen from the well.

Eventually the ball point pen (or something like it) became the choice. The writer was freed from the restriction of having to go to the well and fill her pen with ink (or even be sitting at a desk). She had become self-sufficient (for as long as the refill lasted anyway) and did not need to go to the well.

I think it is the natural tendency of the follower of Jesus to operate like a ball point pen. Self sufficiently, we say, I will change the refill when I run out. Meaning: I will go to God when I feel the need.

Rather than this, we need to be more like the quill and ink writer, going back to the well all the time so that we do not become self sufficient. In this way, we will be filled with God so as to serve him and bring him glory as he works through us.

Jesus said to abide in HIM, let’s go to the well.

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