like a seed

I planted some spinach on Friday.

I loosened the dirt, removed weeds that would strangle the seeds, dug a trench to the appropriate depth (according to package instructions), planted the seed, covered them, watered them and now the sun, the dirt and today’s rain will do the trick.

I just wait. I’ve put the seed in an environment to grow.

Yesterday our pastor said something like this:

Are we failing to grow because we keep pulling the seed up to check on growth?

See sometimes we are trying to make things happen and instead of receiving God’s grace, to grow as the ground, the rain and sun cause the seed to grow, we keep fooling around with the formula.

To climb into God’s lap is to place ourselves in an environment to grow. Sit with God and receive grace, let Him restore and grow you.

“In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.” But you were unwilling, (Isa 30:15 ESV)

Are we willing to be a seed and grow as God gives you grace?

Are we willing to sit with God?

If so, He will direct us and then we will be less hasty, less frustrated by people who are not as committed to working as we are, we will have more love.

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