C.S.Lewis on Prayer

20 years ago (this year I think) they made a movie about C.S. Lewis. This coming Sunday I’m preaching about prayer at CCC. As I research, I found this clip (yes, that is Anthony Hopkins playing Lewis):


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3 responses to “C.S.Lewis on Prayer

  1. Tory

    I’ve always been taught this was true; that prayer changes us,not God. Such a statement falls in line with the idea of sovereignty I have.
    I have recently encountered many friends and acquaintances that believe we can ‘change the heart of God’ through our prayers, and in fact, God’s power is even contingent on our belief (faith) and prayers. (citing the time where the women touched his garment and he says her ‘faith has healed her’)
    I guess my point is that my longstanding belief that my prayers don’t change God’s mind is being challenged. After all, we do say “God answered my prayers”. Would the outcome have been the same regardless of prayer? (minus the ‘changing of us’ part?)

    • Tom Foley

      I agree, I’ve been studying prayer for a sermon this weekend and have this morning been reading a lot on what Lewis thought about prayer. This dramatization, while not a direct Lewis qoute (re: our earlier conversation) does nicely capture a summation of what he believed about prayer, which we glean primarily from his letters more than his writing.

  2. Tory

    Thanks. It is very interesting — the idea of prayer, and Lewis’ thoughts on it as well. Enjoy your sermon prep and thank you for the stuff you post on your blog. I enjoy thinking of the many things you write, even when I don’t comment on it.

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