NSA? Who needs em, I got Google!

Just sent this in an email to a colleague:

“Since I was a Gmail participant in buying your plane ticket [CEO business], Google Now noted this [information] and updated me about your flights for the last two days and even linked me to a flight tracker which tell me you are going to be 12 minutes late landing [at your final destination] in just under 2 hours. The NSA has nothing on revtomtravels!”

Now, to have info like this is helpful. These reminders (Google Now calls them “cards”) serve to tell me to pray about stuff and keep me informed through the day…

But, whoa… this really speaks to the ability of the government to track lots of stuff. If a Google app does this kind of information synthesis, think of what else is happening.

As LVV and I often say on the phone, “Hi NSA, thanks for listening! Hope you’re having a nice day.”

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