Man of Steel

During a time of renewal and sabbath, according to Dan Alander, one should be sure to engage in that which brings delight.

God created us and delights in us and we should delight in Him and this life He has given us.

Today I focused 2/3 my Saturday on delight: a lunch with Anna (we were texting and then talking on the phone) and then a long 2 hour hike through a nature preserve and then a nap. When my 40 winks were over, I decided to go see what was at the movies. I wound up seeing ‘Man of Steel’.

What a cast. Simply amazing. Don’t know the actor who played Superman but how could he fail with the incredible cast he was surrounded by. No doubt, Russel Crowe was excellent.

Some have said this was as dark as the dark re-begining of the Batman saga, but I disagree. This story was about sacrifice for the sake of others and deciding to risks one’s well being for others behalf. Both fathers (Crowe and Kevin Costner) demonstrated this, showing that modeling produces results in one’s young (note: good or bad).

I found the backstory of the end of Krypton and the battle for survival a compelling theme. A couple of other notes for me were that of the score and the 3D. I found the score to be powerful without being overpowering (I kept thinking of Gladiator). The 3D effects were kept under control. The stuff you thought were coming right at you was kept to a minimum and I’m thankful.

OH! and the showing I went to was the original, no dubbing (obviously) and NO subtitles! I was really surprised by this when I finally niticed about 15 minutes into the movie.

Good triumphed, the aliens were sent away (to return in a future instalment?) and the dialogue was enough to keep me thinking without being too clever.

Loved it. Really glad I saw it on the big screen. Would see it again!

It added to my delight.

I sure am glad I don’t depend on reviewers.

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