why is @revtomtravels in Mossel Bay ?

If you have followed the posts of the last week, you have seen some landscapes of great beauty. But why am I here in Mossel Bay, South Africa?

I arrived last Thursday in a jet-lagged and beleaguered state after three crazy travel days from the US via the Heartland (included 18 hours in Budapest). The next day we were out to see a bit of the work that is going on to serve the poor by teaching them to help themselves.

This journey began at a prison where my colleague Josh works with local leaders of the facility that houses young men from 15-24 years old. This facility teaches some of the young men gardening skills and provides for a community garden.


In partnership with Josh, they grow seed into seedlings that then help the poor he works with in the townships.


Josh and Abby brought me along as they picked up seedlings to deliver to the gardeners.


A few days later, Josh and I headed out to the townships to visit his many, many gardening friends…


Josh has been building relationships and has developed a reputation as a man who wishes to bring real help to the people. He distributed seedlings for immediate planting and taught about spraying for insects that are damaging plants in the gardens.


The activity around the back of his pickup caused would-be gardeners to ask for help. He then set up a time to teach some new gardeners his system and provide them with seedlings after they have prepared their soil. They left with appointment slips for this Saturday morning!


Learn more about Growing Hope at www.ceokids.org


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2 responses to “why is @revtomtravels in Mossel Bay ?

  1. Bill Nuckols

    It brought a tear to my eyes as I see the Love of Christ in action.

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