little kids unplugged

Boss 2 (you figure it out) was telling me about this cute preschooler with an ipad. Touching and swiping, face all cute as the preschooler concentrated on the screen.

Turns out here in the US its “Screen-Free Week” or something like that. Of course neither you the reader nor I the writer are participating. But I did hear a thing on the radio where an activist was warning parents about too much screen time for preschoolers.

All this reminded me of a article I read that is worth your consideration. Listen, don’t just blow this off like it doesn’t matter. This is your child’s brain we’re talking about here.

Do some research. Buy some actual books and sit and read to your preschools instead of handing them a tablet or smartphone to babysit them. Don’t take my rant for it, read someone smart and thoughtful. Click here to give this a read. 

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  1. When my youngest was a preschooler, we didn’t have a TV. (for the first 10 years of my marriage we had no working television!) Now, we have one TV, 3 computers, an iPad that is mine alone, and a second iPad that isn’t technically ours but we use, as well as 3 kindle e-readers and 1 Kindle Fire. Oh, and an iPhone (and an Android phone for my husband) and an old iPhone that the kids use as an iTouch.
    We have lots of restrictions on how much screen time they get and where they can view the (mobile) devices in the house. They do enjoy playing games on the tablets and computer, as well as watching cartoons on the tablets.

    My 13 year old still prefers reading out of a book, as does the other 2. (though he does have an older Kindle because he reads so much and so quickly it is usually cheaper to buy/borrow books via kindle)

    All my kids would rather be outside playing with each other and their friends than inside. And, they rarely ever watch TV shows. Just not enough time in the day, nor anything they really want to watch. (though my 13 yo does like the non-fiction Discovery, History, Science channels and my 9yo loves baseball games, golf, football, etc).

    I love to read and love that most of my kids love it too. And I even like that they all still prefer physical books.

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