Try saying “no” as much as you say “yes”.


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3 responses to “Balance?

  1. I have to say, balance confuses me. Is it as simple as saying ‘yes’ as often as you say ‘no’? Though I do agree there are always choices due to constraints, and I think those choices aren’t alway easy.
    I’m sure I’m not making any sense. I just know that in the area I live in, fast paced, big technology city, sometimes life seems like it nearly HAS to be out of balance and is even rewarded for it,

    Just my thoughts.

  2. That’s an interesting insight Tory. From whom does that reward for imbalance come?

  3. I guess I was speaking generally. My family’s life has been out of balance, because of work. Luckily, this was recognized and my husband actually stepped down from a position he was in at work. Half of friends and family thought he was crazy for doing so. But even this process (of stepping down) took several months and still hasn’t happened yet. (should be next week).
    As for rewards for an unbalanced life, I see it very clearly in the workforce. My husband’s work makes it easy – even enticing- to stay late at work. They’ll provide free dinner if you’re working past 7. They have a gym, indoor basketball court, and showers, and all the caffeine you can drink. Then there’s the whole peer pressure thing…. if you’re the only one not working 60 hours a week, will you be the person let go when layoffs comes around?

    But even in a non-secular job there are similar ‘rewards’ for imbalance, though they might be short-term and come at a high cost. I don’t disagree that imbalance is wrong and destructive.

    I do think that there are times when imbalance is unavoidable. A season, if you want to call it that. But perhaps that is still ‘balance’ because it is followed by a season of rest. (or hopefully followed by that). A sick child that requires more attention for a time, a flurry of work to meet a deadline.

    Personally, I do at times struggle with balance. I’ve heard that you should say ‘no’ to even good things so you can say ‘yes’ to great things… not sure I agree with that. Sometimes even not so good things needs to be done. How do you figure out what to say yes and no to?

    Anyways, I’m figuring out balance, but I wonder if it is as simple as keeping an even balance of the ‘yes’ and ‘no’s.

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